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The Reed Square Foundationís mission is to honor Church Hill preservationist benefactors by preserving and enhancing Reed Square as a garden memorial, and to make the property available to the neighborhood as a safe and healthy green space in which to meet and visit.

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The Reed Square Foundation was incorporated in April 2002, in Virginia.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. The Foundation purchased  the property known as Reed Square at 110 North 26th Street from the Historic Richmond Foundation.  There is no paid staff.

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The Reed Square Foundation successfully raised funds to accomplish the following:

  • Purchase Reed Square.

  • Erect a plaque in the square as a memorial to Church Hill benefactors.

  • Refurbish the landscaping.

  • Protect the property in perpetuity with a conservation easement from the Department of Historic Resources.

Our ongoing mission is to:

  • Maintain Reed Square in perpetuity as a green space for the neighborhood.

To contact the Foundation write to:

The Reed Square Foundation
P.O. Box 8012
Richmond, Virginia 23223-0012

Or by email at




The Foundation thanks Dale Edmondson for its logo; and thanks Keith West of for hosting this web site.

The preservation of Reed Square is supported by our donors, including a sustaining grant from the Casson Family Fund in memory of Ann and Mort Casson