Supporters of Reed Square

Reed Square Foundation Supporters

Memorial Donations

The Reed Square Foundation has received the following memorial donations:

Robyn Brickner in memory of her husband, Steve Krassas

Mort Casson in memory of Ann Casson

The Casson Family Fund in memory of Mort Casson and Ann Casson

Carol and Sara Crumley in memory of Marguerite Crumley

The Church Hill Irish Festival in memory of Church Hill neighbor and artist Gigi Brothers.

Remembrances and Appreciations

Barbara Jameson Adler in recognition and appreciation of Karin Parker and Steve McKay’s wedding in Reed Square on May 3rd, 2008.


The Reed Square Foundation has a wide range of supporters in the Richmond community and beyond. Below is a partial list of supporters:

Barbara Jameson Adler
Martin Adler
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Arrington, Jr.
Sarah Babcock
Maude and John Baltzegar
Greg and Betty Lou Beach
Trish Bernal
Vernell and William Burton
The Rev. & Mrs. Ben Campbell
Ginny Campbell
Jean Carmichael
Mrs. Robert Carter
Betty S. Chui
The Church Hill Association
Prior M. Cooper
Karl and Mary Corley
Merrie Cousins
Ronald Davis
John and Bette Dillehay
Miss. Jane Dunn
Mark and Jennifer Economy
Eugenia Anderson Ellis and Howard Ellis
Tom and Betty Fahed
Martha Alsop Faulkner
Joan Frederickson
Jim and Margot Fritts
Deborah Garrison
Julia May Gates
Kathy and Gene Henley
High on the Hog
David and Jean Holman
Sandra and Larry Horton
William and Elizabeth Hutchins
James and Julie Isaacs
Patsy Jamison
Dixon Kerr
Phyllis Lee
Mark and Denise Lindsey
Mary Lorino
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Macaulay
Karin and Steve McKay
McAlister and Doris Marshall
John and Lisa Moerner
Betty Moore
Tony and Tracey Monteleone
Doug Morris
Patricia Mueller
Barbara Munjas
Pam and Dick Neher
David O’Kelly
Overnite Transportation Company PAC
Karin Parker
Amanda and Bob Patterson
Beauchamp and Curtis Payne
Lucille L. Payne
Sharon Larkins and Edson Pederson
John S. and Rita Pickler
Roller-Bottimore Foundation
Lucy Sanders and Arthur Cobb
Mary E. Sanders
Tom and Eileen Sanders
Virginia N. Sanders
Hunter and Nancy Sledd
Lynda J. South
William J. Sullivan Jr.
Geoff Switz and Jennifer Place
Lee and Don Switz
Megan Switz
Frank Von Richter
Rebecca and Scott Van Duyne
Richard Waiton
Keith and Melanie West
Jean and Jonathan Wight

If you would like to be a supporter of Reed Square and our effort to save it from development, please make checks payable to the Reed Square Foundation at P.O. Box 8012; Richmond, VA 23223-0012