Crape Myrtle

 Latin name: Lagerstroemia fauriei

The flowers of the crape myrtle come out in June with a lemony fragrance for about 90 days. It grows as a shrub up to 10′ tall and can be limbed up. Crape Myrtles are native to Japan and were brought to the United States in the 1950’s. It has a good cinnamon colored bark. These were planted by Mrs. Reed.

These three trees are examples of what happens to crape myrtles that are not maintained for several years. RSF is attempting to undo the failure of prior landscapers to keep the number of trunks down to two or three hearty ones. We have removed several lesser trunks from each tree and will continue maintaining them as they should be maintained.

Crape Myrtle has a good cinnamon colored bark.